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Today, Seigo Designs has grown into a wide-ranging commercial and residential interior design firm, offering diverse design services to the Greater Bay Area. Seigo Designs’ commercial focus includes creative and versatile design for Bay Area office spaces, restaurants, health care providers, tenant improvement and retail spaces.

For contractors, architects, and professionals in the design and construction industries, Seigo Designs offers premium project management, computer aided design and 3d design services.

Our residential focus incorporates design services for space planning, furniture and finish choices, kitchen and bath remodels, addition planning, and color coordination.

While groundbreaking, innovative and versatile design is at the heart of what we do, Seigo Designs is also involved in giving back to the design industry. We work to improve its standards through leadership roles in design organizations and legislative coalitions advocating for the interior design industry in California.

Seigo Designs


Harmony – At Seigo Designs, we believe that synchronization between people and their environment is the key to harmony. We exemplify harmony in our balanced approach to the design process, which incorporates the interaction with the external world, the needs of our clients, and the core values of our firm.

Integrity – As expert designers, we understand that when the small parts work well together, the whole becomes stronger. Seigo Designs represents integrity by bringing our honest and ethical approach to every business project, every relationship and every design.

Longevity – Seigo Designs knows that the best designs stand the test of time and help to nurture and cultivate the future, rather than damage it. That’s why Seigo Designs is committed to developing enduring designs, maintaining a legacy for future generations, protecting the environment, and fostering business choices that have a long-term view.

Seigo Designs


Seigo Designs stands for being a place that brings together innovative people who are driven to improve the world through intentional design. Everything Seigo Designs does it to expand influence in the design community in order to be the premier resource for the design industry.

Meet James Woodard

James Woodard of Seigo Designs

Design Principle
Bachelors of Science in Interior Design from the Art Institute.

James’ education in design began in 1985 when he trained as a traditional manual drafter with the intention of pursuing a degree in architecture. After starting his studies in architecture, he had a crisis of conscious. He did not want to design boxes to go all over the landscape. He saw the disposable habits of society and wanted to find a way to have a positive impact on the world and how we interact with it. Creating interiors that incorporate harmony with the environment, longevity to last through many changes in style and need, and the integrity to pull together all of the elements into a finished solution that would touch the emotions of people became his dream.

James’ passion for design and finding solutions for people is an ongoing focus in his life.

He stands for a world in which everyone has access to spaces that improves lives, respects the environment, and can be built.

James’ vision for Seigo Designs is to bring the best design partners, local vendors, and local tradespeople to work for his clients to develop lasting and inspiring interiors.



Lowest Price Guarantee Anyone can make something cheaper by cutting some corners and pricing it for less. That is why it is so important to know what is and isn’t included in their price. Our Lowest Price Guarantee is our promise to you that you cannot find a comparable service for less. If you do find a comparable service for less, we will beat their price by 5%. All that we ask is that it is an “apples to apples” written comparison.

Permit Approval Guarantee – A common concern for most clients when they begin to work with an interior designer is if permits will pass. With Seigo Designs, you can rest assured. Our Permit Approval Guarantee is our promise to you that our designs will get approved. If they do not get approved, we will continue to modify the plans until they are approved.

Response Guarantee – In the interior design industry, communication can be a challenge. Calls and emails go unanswered for days and sometimes weeks. This can become an issue when you have a time sensitive situation. Our Response Guarantee is our promise to you that we will respond within 24 business hours or we will credit you $50 a day until we respond.

No Kick Back Guarantee – It is a common practice for an interior designer to get a kick back from manufacturers. The incentive may influence the designers preferences for your design, leaving you questioning if the design was done with your best interest in mind, or the interior designers. This is why we offer you a No Kick Back Guarantee. This allows us to remain completely agnostic to the recommendations we make for your design, and you can rest assured that the design is what is best for you. If there is any sort of kick back, we will give it to you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Starting a project and making decisions as you progress can be costly and frustrating. At Seigo Designs, we give you a clear plan and lay out all of the details to save you time, money, and from the frustration. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will continue to work at no cost until you are completely satisfied.

Deadline Guarantee – A common concern for projects is finishing on time. There are many people and teams that have to work together, and if something doesn’t get done on time, it pushes the whole timeline back. Our Deadline Guarantee is our promise to you that your interior design will be completed by the deadline we agree to or your money back.


  • James could have easily come in and just taken charge with a complete makeover of his choosing. But instead, he sat down with me and asked me what I wanted. James took the time to discuss with me what I liked, didn’t like, and what I really wanted.

  • I highly recommend James Woodard to any seeking design expertise and creativity. His adaptability, depth of my understanding, and his passion to serve clients make James Woodard an ideal professional for design projects.

  • James is the best designer I have ever worked with.  He transformed MiniRF office from a plain office to an amazing dynamic environment that employees enjoy working here. James not only provided very intriguing design works meeting the requirements and the styles we are looking for, but also took the beautiful design to a flawless execution on time.

  • It is hard to use just words to describe the great experience we had working with James. I would recommend James to anyone who is looking for a very competent and highly responsible designer to make your place look fantastic.

  • I cannot thank Seigo Designs for the phenomenal work done for Spira Institute of Healing Arts. James Woodard took our little to nothing non-profit budget for design and decor and turned the school into a fabulous welcoming zen atmosphere.

  • I highly recommend Seigo Designs and James Woodard for your office or home design. His work is breathtaking and his spirit for design is very imaginative.

  • I told James what feel I wanted and was able to just hand him my stuff and a check for some new art, and a week later I had an office that was well laid out, absolutely beautiful, and filled with amazing, soft light for my clients. James made it all so easy so I could focus on doing what I do well, massage, instead of stressing about getting an office together that would be usable. Thank you, James, for making my move so easy! My clients all love my beautiful office way more than the old one!

  • Overall, it was a great experience to interact with a professional like James.  He didn't just create an office design, but also a functional work environment for our office.  James is always very friendly and easy to communicate with.  His willingness to help made the process a whole lot less stressful.  We are very satisfied with the results of his work.  We get lots of compliments from our neighbors and visitors to our new office.

  • If you're ever in need of a design professional for your projects, reach out to James and Seigo Designs - you will not be disappointed!

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