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  • James is the best designer I have ever worked with.  He transformed MiniRF office from a plain office to an amazing dynamic environment that employees enjoy working here. James not only provided very intriguing design works meeting the requirements and the styles we are looking for, but also took the beautiful design to a flawless execution on time.

    The contractors James helped selected for various functions have done great work for us with very competitive cost.  They show tremendous responsibilities of not only getting things done but done well and offered a lot of good solutions to make the place look great. He also personally helped on getting the furnitures and artworks in place for us.  His patience and tireless effort on helping us getting the office remodeling completed nicely is very much appreciated by our staff here. 

    It is hard to use just words to describe the great experience we had working with James. I would recommend James to anyone who is looking for a very competent and highly responsible designer to make your place look fantastic.

    Hedy Housholder MiniRF
  • I highly recommend James Woodard and Seigo Designs. When I hired James in 2013, the best compliments I received for my office was when my client or colleague didn’t say anything at all. I had white walls with marks on them, some old furniture, and a couple of file metal file drawers (different height, size, and color). On more than one occasion, my office was compared to an interrogation room or an IRS investigation tank. That’s when I came across Seigo Designs and James- the best thing that could have happened to my office. James could have easily come in and just taken charge with a complete makeover of his choosing. But instead, he sat down with me and asked me what I wanted. James took the time to discuss with me what I liked, didn’t like, and what I really wanted. He explained that at the end of the day, more than my colleagues or clients, I was the one who needed to enjoy how my office space looked and felt. And it wasn’t just one conversation- throughout the entire process, James continually offered new ideas and suggestions. And whenever I had a chance of heart, James immediately adapted to my interests and was able to quickly produce colors, designs, or furniture to complement. It took some time to finish the makeover (mostly due to my own indecisiveness on creativity approvals). However, I immediately began receiving compliments. I specifically recall a client, whom had visited my office before any work had begun and then visited again shortly after the design started, comment what a remarkable change it was. After the work was completed and the proverbial dust had settled, the look and feel of my office exceeded all expectations. And I continue to receive compliments regarding the look of my office. Although appearances aren’t everything, they can serve as a creative expression of who you are and what you represent. To that end, I highly recommend James Woodard to any seeking design expertise and creativity. His adaptability, depth of my understanding, and his passion to serve clients make James Woodard an ideal professional for design projects.

    Alvin Lee Alvin Lee Law
  • I cannot thank Seigo Designs for the phenomenal work done for Spira Institute of Healing Arts. James Woodard took our little to nothing non-profit budget for design and decor and turned the school into a fabulous welcoming zen atmosphere. He took our donated furniture and items, dressed them up and amazed our staff. James took the uniqueness of each school director, and reflected their personality in each of their offices while still incorporating their decor into the school’s zen design. I highly recommend Seigo Designs and James Woodard for your office or home design. His work is breathtaking and his spirit for design is very imaginative.

    Cheryl Bass Spira Institute of Healing Arts
  • When I needed to move my massage therapy office last year it seemed like such a daunting task as I can never figure out colors and where to put my existing furniture. Color selection is difficult because I work in dimmed light and it doesn't look the same in the store as it does in low light.

    I told James what feel I wanted and was able to just hand him my stuff and a check for some new art, and a week later I had an office that was well laid out, absolutely beautiful, and filled with amazing, soft light for my clients. James made it all so easy so I could focus on doing what I do well, massage, instead of stressing about getting an office together that would be usable. Thank you, James, for making my move so easy! My clients all love my beautiful office way more than the old one!

    Gina Marie Correia Natural Balance Bodywork
  • I'm writing on behalf of my company, MiniRF, Inc. which is based in Fremont, CA.  We recently purchased an old office suite in South Fremont. When we had our building inspected, I asked the inspector for some referrals he could recommend to help design our new office.  I was then introduced to James @ Seigo Designs. I met with James and he helped guide us through space planning and design, create space drawings, and also assist with locating resources to help with the executing and install of design. He also went above and beyond by helping us shop for new furniture, fixtures, and accessories.  James even coordinated the deliveries and install. Overall, it was a great experience to interact with a professional like James.  He didn't just create an office design, but also a functional work environment for our office.  James is always very friendly and easy to communicate with.  His willingness to help made the process a whole lot less stressful.  We are very satisfied with the results of his work.  We get lots of compliments from our neighbors and visitors to our new office. If you're ever in need of a design professional for your projects, reach out to James and Seigo Designs - you will not be disappointed!

    Jennifer Huang MiniRF, Inc.

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