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Looking to save time and make more money on your building projects? Seigo Designs partners with contractors, structural engineers, and architects for an integrated design-build approach. We also offer design consultations, 3D design, computer aided drafting and more! Most people believe that many of our services require an architect. The truth is that a Certified Interior Designer is capable, qualified, and certified to do much of the same work.


Seigo Designs provides streamlined and modern design for businesses and commercial spaces, refreshing your work environment while preserving sustainability and longevity. Our custom designs fit any scope or budget and can be applied to any workplace or industry, for truly unique and innovative commercial design.


Our plans for home design integrate cutting edge modern techniques with lasting, timeless style. Seigo Designs provides stunning and sustainable remodel plans, new construction plans and outstanding designs for both new and existing homes.


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Whether you’re looking for inspiring and integrated home remodel plans for a residential project, or new construction plans and technology integration for your Bay Area business, Seigo Designs offers innovative design that blends function and aesthetics to meet and exceed your needs.


  • James could have easily come in and just taken charge with a complete makeover of his choosing. But instead, he sat down with me and asked me what I wanted. James took the time to discuss with me what I liked, didn’t like, and what I really wanted.

  • I highly recommend James Woodard to any seeking design expertise and creativity. His adaptability, depth of my understanding, and his passion to serve clients make James Woodard an ideal professional for design projects.

  • James is the best designer I have ever worked with.  He transformed MiniRF office from a plain office to an amazing dynamic environment that employees enjoy working here. James not only provided very intriguing design works meeting the requirements and the styles we are looking for, but also took the beautiful design to a flawless execution on time.

  • It is hard to use just words to describe the great experience we had working with James. I would recommend James to anyone who is looking for a very competent and highly responsible designer to make your place look fantastic.

  • I cannot thank Seigo Designs for the phenomenal work done for Spira Institute of Healing Arts. James Woodard took our little to nothing non-profit budget for design and decor and turned the school into a fabulous welcoming zen atmosphere.

  • I highly recommend Seigo Designs and James Woodard for your office or home design. His work is breathtaking and his spirit for design is very imaginative.

  • I told James what feel I wanted and was able to just hand him my stuff and a check for some new art, and a week later I had an office that was well laid out, absolutely beautiful, and filled with amazing, soft light for my clients. James made it all so easy so I could focus on doing what I do well, massage, instead of stressing about getting an office together that would be usable. Thank you, James, for making my move so easy! My clients all love my beautiful office way more than the old one!

  • Overall, it was a great experience to interact with a professional like James.  He didn't just create an office design, but also a functional work environment for our office.  James is always very friendly and easy to communicate with.  His willingness to help made the process a whole lot less stressful.  We are very satisfied with the results of his work.  We get lots of compliments from our neighbors and visitors to our new office.

  • If you're ever in need of a design professional for your projects, reach out to James and Seigo Designs - you will not be disappointed!

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